Sunday, 31 July 2011

Resource Liquidation

While spending some days in beautiful Algonquin back country, one cannot help but reflect upon what it means to exploit the earth's natural resources. Whether it is forestry, minerals, fresh water or oil, resource extraction means resource liquidation. In every case, it becomes a battle between creating jobs and generating revenue versus leaving the planet untouched. Companies are only eager to move in to make a profit with total disregard for everything else.

What this all comes down to is this is conversion of the natural world to capital, that is, resource liquidation. We convert the natural resource, and in most cases, non-renewable resource, into cash which is a human creation. Cash gives the bearer an entitlement to future human labor. Resource liquidation means putting future generations into indentured labor. Resource liquidation means entrenching our society deeper into a global state of feudalism, oligarchy and slavery.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Global Catastrophe

 A global crisis is in the making. We are being led down the garden path to imminent calamity by the most powerful institutions, corporations and individuals that ever existed in the world. Of course, they would not tell you this because they are only serving their self interests and greed.

Over the last fifty years the world has become a much smaller place. The world is now one global market place. Major and minor corporations alike know that they must have global dominance in order to compete and survive. Globalization is the operative word. It is winner takes all.

What we have come to understand is that the global monetary system is based on perpetual expansion. Banks must continue to grow the money supply. But the unfortunate and ultimate end result is that every unit of currency ever created (dollar, pound, ruble, peso, yen, whatever) will be amassed into the hands of the elite.

Institutions, banks and corporations are in total control. Sovereign governments and the military-industrial complex are all under the control of the elite and their financiers. Global economics is dominated by institutional and corporate megaliths the likes of the IMF, World Bank, WTO, BIS, international banks, Exxon Mobil, BP, Chevron, Shell, Monsanto, Cargill, Walmart and the list goes on and on.

We know “too big to fail” means “too big to be allowed to fail”. Institutions and corporations have become so all encompassing that financial failure of one would cause a huge domino effect that will bring down the entire monetary system. Is the U.S.A. too big to be allowed to fail? Is there an alternative?

Let us not be fooled. When CEOs and politicians claim to know what is good for the economy, we know that their plan is to continue business as usual. We know that continuing monetary expansion means enslaving our descendants, our children and grandchildren for the benefits of the children and grandchildren of the elite.

This is a class struggle. This calls for a class uprising. We will take this no more. This is a call for justice. We will end the exploitation of the working class by the elite. Monetary expansion is not the solution. This is a call for a boycott of mega corporations, banks, oil companies and mega stores.

What are some of the things we must advocate for?
  • End to monetary expansion
  • Abolish interests
  • Curb exorbitant profits and salaries
  • End the bailout of banks and financial institutions
  • End of globalization
  • Abolish short selling
  • Abolish index trading, hedge funds, commodity speculation

Here are things you can do immediately:
  • Think before you buy, think before you throw away
  • Exchange or give away unwanted items instead of discarding in the garbage
  • Extend the lifespan of what you purchase
  • Buy quality not junk

  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Reduce your material consumption
  • Take vacations closer to home
  • Go hiking and camping at your local park or conservation area
  • Stop cross border shopping – buy locally
  • Stop shopping at big box stores - support your mom & pop store
  • Avoid excessive packaging and use of plastics
  • Stop buying and drinking bottled water and soft drinks
  • Make more use of your community facilities, libraries, community pool, parks, theater, galleries
  • Move your money to a credit union, check out MoveYourMoney
  • Join co-operatives and a Transition Initiative in your area.
  • Support your local farmers and growers
  • Buy locally grown food from the farmers markets
  • Network more with friends and neighbors
  • Exchange and share ideas, recipes, tools, equipment, labor
  • Have potlucks, picnics, sing-alongs, jam sessions, street parties, movie nights, scavenger hunts
  • Do not take unnecessary automobile trips
  • Park the car and walk, cycle, carpool, or take public transit
  • Telecommute, work from at home if possible
And finally, 
  • Keep fit
  • Stay healthy
  • Enjoy life!